11/1 to 11/03/2010 Manteo to Oriental, NC

The last night in  Manteo it  was quite exciting.  Pinkem got drunk went into town, smacked some locals around and then went all pirate on us. We had to cut her down from the rigging and put her into the brig until she came back down to earth.It will be a night for all to remember.

Pinkem ready for a fight

Pinkem in the rigging

After we settled Pinkem down we set sail for Silver Lake, NC on Ocracoke Island. We left at 10 am and arrived just before dark, anchored and secured the boat for the evening. The sail over was somewhat rough with 3-5 ft  following seas and 15-25 knot winds. Other than the water being shallow for most of the trip not much else to comment on. The channel into Ocracoke is deep but shoals  up sharply to port.

The next day we hauled anchor and sailed under a  cloudy sky and breezy conditions to Oriental, NC . Oriental is a small town with several shops and restaurants and a small port with a free city dock, that holds 3 boats. We anchored and visited the town and talked to several locals. Same thing as everywhere else business is ok but not great. Everyone is waiting for the economy to turn around. We will stay anchored here for a day. While here we will adjust rigging, change a alternator belt and try to lighten the boat before going out to sea from Beaufort to Cape Fear.

Oriental is a very pleasant town and I would highly recommend stopping here for anyone in the area. For sailors the harbor is safe and secure with a good bottom for anchoring.

3 thoughts on “11/1 to 11/03/2010 Manteo to Oriental, NC

  1. Pinkem
    It is good to see that you have been very active on your sailing venture. I am glad you made it out of the Dismal Swamp.
    I miss you terribly. Scratch sends his love. So do Lizzy and Fannie.
    The pizza maker is doing great.
    Carol & Gary
    Sure could use a good pot roast. Hope you are having warm weather.

  2. I’m headed to Jacksonville, NC (just above Camp LeJuen) tomorrow 11/5. I could go out on the beach Saturday and wave to you, but you will probably be past that area by then, though.

  3. Hey Carol,
    Hope you are having a great time. I’m sooo jealous! I miss you and love your website. I will imagine the smell of the ocean and the spray on the waves and live the adventure through you. The food from Emily’s earlier descriptions sounds fabulous. I love Pinkem, tell her to tear up the ports but to watch out for the sailors.

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