Little Harbor 1-25 to 1-26

We arrived at Little Harbor at 12 noon high tide, as there is not enough water to enter at low tide. Little Harbor is a small quaint cay with on bar and a few dozen hones. The cay is very clean and beautiful. On one side the open ocean and on the other a a huge shallow crescent bay. The bay is full of fish and conch and a variety of  sea cucumbers, coral, crabs and other wildlife. Kris and I sepent several hours exploring the crystal clear waters and shoreline.

The weather is supposed to turn rough tonight so we hooked up to a mooring ball for safety. Winds are expected to hit 40 -50 k. Not to much to worry about as the the mooring harbor is very well protected. A walk around the cay offers som spectacular views. I am certain that we will enjoy our brief stay here. Although Pete’s pub has been closed for two days.

We plan to move on to Eleuthera in the next  couple of days. About 55 miles south of Little Harbor.From here we will sail to pick up Emily in Nassau.  The weather is supposed to be stable for the next week or two.

The boat has been working fine. We are able to restore batteries with our wind and solar and the water maker works well. It is very rewarding to be so independent.

Riveria Beach FL to Marsh Harbor 1-23-11

Riveria Beach Fl Manatee

We left Riveria beach at 9pm to cross the Gulf Stream and be in the bahamas by daylight . The weather must be calm and the winds not out of the north or the gulf stream can get very rough. We arrived on the other side at about 4am and had to circle until 7am , daylight before we could enter the shallow Bahama banks, about 7 ft deep. After daylight we headed to great sail cay to rest. The ride was perfectly smooth across the banks and the weather warm. We spent the day at great sail and caught snails that we had for dinner. Very good with cajun seasoning and fried. the next day we headed for Treasure cay and arrived just before dark set anchor and went to bed.  We were awakened by a neighbor at 2 am and informed that we were dragging anchor, about 30 ft from the rocky shore. We re set the anchor and went back to bed the next day we went into dock did wash took on water and relaxed.

After several days at Treasure Cay we set sail for Man O War Cay, anchored and spent the night then on to  Guana Cay a small island of boat builders and a few stores and restaurants. Both cays we pleasant and friendly with enough goods and services to meet our needs. From here we sailed to Hopetown Cay a very pleasant harbor with mooring balls and a very quaint town right on the water. We went to the beach and walked the town and went to see the local oil fired light house built in the early 1800s. After several days here we sailed to Marsh Harbor only 8 miles across the bay. Here we will pick up provisions make repairs and then move on to the southern more remote cays. Marsh Harbor is very friendly and not to expensive. $ .85 per foot for docking. Carol does not feel well so we wil spend 4 days here.