Annapolis, MD

June 19, 2013


The storms and rain subsided and we decided to sail down to Annapolis! Sail was apparently a hopeful word, as the wind began to die down the further we went on our journey south. Eventually we had to just take the sails down all together and motor into the sailing capital of America. But we tried valiantly with the main and the spinnaker until it became apparent that if we wanted to get into the city before dark, we’d have to give in and turn on the engine.

We tied up to a mooring ball just outside of the Annapolis City Dock. What a view of downtown! And as we pulled in on a Wednesday evening, we got to watch the Wednesday racers sail in and out of the harbor….well, sort of sail in and out, what with the light wind and all. It was a lovely night to walk around town and just enjoy the storm free evening!

IMG_2391Annapolis is a beautiful city. The capital of Maryland, the city also served as the nation’s capital for a very brief time as the nation’s capital,  just after the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Downtown is still paved in brick, and many of the houses and buildings still date back to colonial and early American times. If you are a sailor of any experience level, you must visit Annapolis. There are a variety of resources at your disposal here, whether it be for supplies, lessons, or a boat itself. The city hosts one of the nation’s largest sailboat shows each October and a smaller one in the spring. Below we’ve listed not only some interesting places to visit downtown, but good sailboating resources as well.

Spot Specs: Annapolis, MD

  • Restaurants: there are many in downtown Annapolis, but a few of our favorites are Mangia Italian Grill, Chick and Ruth’s Delly, Armadillo’s, Pusser’s, and City Dock Coffee, all located near the City Dock’s “Ego Alley”
  • Shops: a wide variety of gift shops, galleries, and boutiques line the historic streets of Annapolis. A few shops of particular interest include the Annapolis Bookstore, the Spice and Tea Exchange, Capital Teas, and Paws Pet Boutique.
  • Other points of interest: United States Naval Academy – located in the northeast corner of downtown, the grounds are usually open during the day. Stop by the Visitors Center for a tour of the academy and the museum. For more information visit
  • The Woodwind and Woodwind II: two 74 foot wooden schooners in Annapolis offer 2 hour public sails and a variety of other events. Check them out at
  • Sailing Resources: Bacon Sails (located just a short drive out of downtown), APS store (across the bridge in Eastport), Backyard Boats (also located in Eastport)