Back in Annapolis !0/19/2010

After a visit in Ohio to tie up loose ends we took the cube back wit the help of a neighbor (Frank) Thank You, and started our trip again. We miss Emily very much and hope she will join us again later in the trip. She needs rent money, Christmas is coming send, money to Emily. Emily is replaced by her surrogate, Pinkem look for the adventures of Pinkem in future blogs.

Horizons in Downtown Annapolis

Pussers Landing, Annapolis

One thought on “Back in Annapolis !0/19/2010

  1. Yum! Pusser’s Rum Pain Killers 🙂 I’m so glad I finally figured out how to do this. Hope all are well, with good seas and good weather. Hugs to all and Spinny, too 🙂

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