Back in the States! Cape Canaveral, Florida

April 7, 2011

We sailed all night from Great Sale Cay in the Bahamas to Cape Canaveral, FL. Kris and I took the night shift from 8-5 and Gary and Carol took over in the morning.

Our last Bahamian sunset.

By morning we had made it into the Gulf Stream. At the heart of the Stream the current pushed us up to 5kts. Gary said that the boat went up to 11kts earlier in the morning. We were zooming!
The Gulf Stream was teeming with wildlife as well. Gary hooked another mahi mahi, but the fish sadly got away. We spotted a few dolphins, turtles, and a couple of Portuguese Man-O-Wars, the huge jellyfish. The sail membrane on their head sticks out of the water and looks almost like a plastic bottle floating on the surface.

So many pelicans!

When we pulled into Cape Canaveral we were greeted by the pelicans, dolphins, and a NASA launch pads. It’s too bad we will not be here when the space shuttle launches! After sailing for nearly 30 hours, our tired eyes were overwhelmed with activity. Boats, from small dinghies to large cruise ships, everywhere! Crowds of people and large buildings up and down the channel. We weren’t in the Bahamas anymore!
In the evening we went out to dinner and relaxed after the long crossing. Everyone was in bed early tonight!