Bacon’s and Kent Island

October 12, 2010

Today we were busy cleaning the boat, picking up the rental car we would drive back to Ohio in, and shopping for boat parts in the outer parts of Annapolis.

When we walked into our first store stop, the salesman there smiled as we walked in with Spinny (Annapolis is a very dog friendly city). “Is that Spinnaker?” We laughed. This was a question many people had been asking at the boat show yesterday. Spin was famous! No one remembered us, just the dog. She loved her new fame, and quickly made friends with our salesman, laying down under his desk at his feet.

We ran around town in our new little car, the cube. The Nissan Cube. While Kris, Gary and I visited Bacon’s for extra boat parts, Carol took the cube to Kohl’s.

After shopping, it was time to take the boat over to Kent Island, where she will stay for a week until Gary, Carol, Kris and Spinny return to take her further on her journey.

Tangled anchor problems put us behind in taking the boat over, but we finally pulled in at 7:00. Tired and exhausted, we undertook some last minute preparations, like laundry and cleaning and organizing things to go home.

I’m very sad to be leaving soon, but I’ve had an absolute wonderful time!

Look for more posts by Kris when the journey continues.

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  1. I’m having blogger withdrawal. I need a post to read. Let’s get on with this journey!! Lol

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