Cat Island, Bahamas


We started off our day on Cat Island with breakfast from the Blue Bird Cafe. Grits, sausage, eggs, orange juice, and tea. Delicious.
Kris and I retrieved the bikes from the boat to take up the hill to the Hermitage, a retreat and home built by an architect priest in the 1920s. More on that in the next blog (there are just too many photos to share of the beautiful place).
Carol, Gary and Spinny met us at the Hermitage with a rental car. We spent the remainder of the day motoring over the roads of Cat Island. We harvested coconuts, bought some straw works from a local craftswoman, visited old plantation ruins near Port Howe on the SE side of the island, and checked out the marina over in Hawks Nest on the SW side of the island. Gary made some fishing friends there and landed a coupe more dolphins for us. Apparently his friends had had a very good fishing trip themselves earlier that day. Spinny made some dog friends too. Kris and I looked at the airplanes parked at the airport in Hawks Nest. A Super Cub on floats, a double propped Piper, and a large amphibian. We’ll probably dock here tomorrow and spend a little more time here. Carol and Gray really like the internet and bar service.

2 thoughts on “Cat Island, Bahamas

  1. Thanks for all of the dolphin shots. Golly gee Gary I am so sorry those 2 (15 ft.) fish got away. Especially without anyone actually seeing them. It is a true shame.
    I keep hearing about the big waves. Where is the film footage of these waves, please??

    Enjoy !!
    PS Lizzy & Fannie send kisses to Spin Dog.

  2. Yeah, convenient loop in Gary’s story hmm?
    I took a few videos of the waves, but I do have to admit, they were making me feel a might bit queazy. I didn’t always feel up to video shooting. I’ll have to upload the videos and see how they turned out.

    PS. Spinny sends a few kisses back Lizzy and Fannie’s way…especially to Lizzy!

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