Counting the days

After spending most of the summer preparing it is finally almost time to head off. We have decided to create this blog so that anyone interested can follow our progress. Stay tuned, more updates soon.

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8 thoughts on “Counting the days

  1. I have just made it to the website this morning. Emily you are doing a wonderful job in your “posting position”. Great pics. I love them. More Spinney pics. please. Lol

    Now that I have found you I look forward to each days installment. I love the part where Kris is zippered in and you guys are not. I can hear Carol’s laugh-scream KRIS!!

    thanks for keeping us up to date!

  2. G’reat Job! Capt’n Ron, you have conquered the Great Ditch to the East. Keep up the good work. Keep the pictures coming. Also “BOOM BOOM” sends her love .

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