Down the Canal and Across the Lake

September 25, 2010

We were up before the sun this morning at 6am! Time to get an early start…we’ve got to make it through this canal!

As we motor endlessly on, the trees around us begin to change color. Fall certainly is beautiful on the canal.

Today it cooled off significantly. From 90 to 60 in just one night. Talk about your crazy weather! Now it feels a little more like the end of September at least.

We made it across Lake Oneida today. It was strange to see such and expanse of water after seeing nothing but the canal walls. We were sad that the masts were down. No sailing for us, but we did see another ketch out on the lake taking advantage of the winds.

We docked in Sylan beach around 7pm. We’d gone 90 miles today. Fine progress thus far. So that makes our total…

208 miles on the Erie Canal.

15 thoughts on “Down the Canal and Across the Lake

  1. Thanks for adding more pictures. Sounds like the trip is going well.

    Emily, thanks for taking the time to journal the trip it keeps us all in touch.

    It looks like the weather change is here to stay for a while. We finally got a nice rain last night, so we won’t have to water as much for the weekend.

    The kitchen staff is going to Columbus for the GFS event today. Dave is manning the office and I should get a chance to be up there more today (staples came out yesterday). Tanya is picking up the sides from O’Niel’s this afternoon on the way back to the office. Haven’t gotten a day from Markus yet for John to head up to the lake, so we will be plying that by ear.

    Have a wonderful day on the canal, just think of all the people who will never get to see NY from your perspective. LR

  2. The Erie Canal sounds like an interesting way to go. How nice of the towns people to let you dock up for free every night! Today looks like a bit of rain for you folks with cooler temps. How is Spinny handling her “potty” issues?

  3. Hi Guys! I assume you have been keeping an eye on “Nicole”. It sounds like the tropical depression could turn into a tropical storm as it heads up the east coast.

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