Engine Troubles

October 6, 2010

The sun rose to reveal a brilliant blue sky. We awoke early, eager and ready to set sail! The winds were coming from the NW at a steady pace, it looked like good sailing. We weren’t the only ones. Small fishing boats in the bay sailed slowly by with tarp sails.

We were just getting to the channel that would take us out to sea when Gary came up from below deck. “Stop! We’re taking on water!”

Kris and Gary inspected the situation as Carol and I tried to keep us away from the shoals. The engine had built too much pressure up in the exhaust system and blown a crack in the muffler. The problem, thank goodness, could be fixed.

It took a good part of the day, extra fiberglass, epoxy, and Carol’s hairdryer, but by the end of the day, the muffler was fixed. While spending so much time on the dock with the muffler, Kris discovered some interesting sea life on the side of the dock and jelly fish and little fish in the waters.

Relieved that we could continue on our journey the next day, we all sat down to a dinner of Shepard’s Pie and cherry pie from Delicious Orchards for dessert. Yum!

7 thoughts on “Engine Troubles

  1. Hey Cap’tn Ron, Ahoy! Sorry to hear about your mechanical problems. I hope your using some fiberglass cloth for that muffler repair and not just resin! I’m sure you have things under control, just have swab get you another “Brewski” and let things cure up. Keep up the good work, were all keeping are fingers crossed for an uneventful voyage. Talk to you soon, the real Mark Paul of Cal Air.

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