Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

April 8 – 11, 2011

On the 8th we crossed from Cape Canaveral to Fernandina Beach, FL on Amelia Island. Once again Kris and I were on night shift and Gary and Carol took the day shifts. In the night Kris and I heard a distant slap over the water. Maybe it was the waves n the side of the boat? Then we heard it a second time, louder, and echoing off the sides of the boat. Suddenly all of the radio broadcasts about right whales being in the area ran through my brain. Oh please, don’t let us run into a whale in the night! Kris and I looked out into the dark. Then, another slap and a surprised shout from Kris. Something had leapt from the water and splashed doing with a loud slap. Kris thought it looked to be a ray or a large fish, but not a whale tail or fin. Thank goodness! I’d love to see whales…but when I can actually see them and not hit them in the dark.

Valerie and Lauren. Sisterly love!

As we pulled into the Fernandina Marina on the 9th, we were greeted by our friends Linda, Lauren, Valerie, and Garren Erlenbusch. They had driven up from Cape Canaveral just a day behind us. Spinny was bursting with joy to see our guests. She leapt off of the boat as soon as she could to say hello and receive hello pats and rubs back.

We spent three days in Fernandina, two with the Erlenbusches. We packed in a variety of different activities. We sunbathed, shell searched, flew the power kite, and spotted jelly fish and power paragliders on the beach. We thought about swimming, but didn’t stay in for long. It’s amazing how much cooler the ocean is further north by a few hundred miles. We drove through the local national park, past RV campers and the Fernandina Fort.

Garren poses with \”squishy\”.

The Cumberland island wild horses!

We took the dingy out to St. Mary’s, GA and Cumberland Island, GA. On Cumberland Island we saw remains of the old Carnegie summer mansion, wild horses, armadillos, and wild turkeys. On their trip over, Carol, Kris, and Linda glimpsed a manta ray in the water. Out on the water we also spotted dolphins, white pelicans, other sea birds, and a few manatee noses. In the marina a manatee and a sea otter came visiting. The girls found time to go shopping downtown and we all enjoyed Italian woodfired oven pizza from Arte’s Pizza. What a busy past few days!

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