Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthra / Nassau, Bahamas

March 19, 2011

Gary and his catch of the day.

Today we sailed over to Governor’s Harbor, Eluthra. On the way Gary caught himself a small colorful fish. We were not entirely sure of the fish’s name.
Governor’s Harbor was a little different from all the town’s I’ve seen thus far. It had once been the capital of the Bahamas, so perhaps this attributed to it’s character. It was almost like a small East Coast town, at least the wood houses with dormers and front porches made it seem that way. The chart indicated that there were several restaurants in town, a grocery, gas station, car rentals, vehicle repair, hardware stores, and, my personal favorite, a movie theater.

However, Spinnaker’s increasing signs of sickness and rising fever had us worried. We spent a great deal of time trying to get a hold of a nurse on Eleuthra who acted as an amateur veterinarian, trying to get a rental car (but all were out, even after calling 7 car rentals), and then trying to contact a vet in Nassau. Finally, Gary got through to the doctors and an antibiotic that we had on board was recommend for Spin. Poor thing, she was loaded with pedia-light, pepto-bismal, aspirin, and now an antibiotic. She needed some rest.

Sunset over the harbor.

Kris and I went to shore in the evening to stretch our legs and look around. There was an old Anglican church in town whose stone walls looked as if they’d tested time for decades. We watched a beautiful sun set over the harbor. Town, we discovered, was filled mostly with the beautiful wooden residential houses we’d seen from shore. However, there was indeed a gas station, grocery, etc…and, a movie theater! The Globe Princess Theater that plays relatively recent releases every night at 8:15. We were surprised to see that the theater itself was rather sizable. I peeked into the booth to find an older platter and film projector, similar to the ones at the Strand Theater in Delaware, OH. Also inside of the theater is a fast food style concession stand and diner, with hamburgers, chicken burgers, popcorn, and ice cream. We grabbed a few burgers for dinner and brought them back to the boat with us.

That night was watched the largest moon Earth has seen in 20 years rise in the Bahamian sky.

March 20, 2011

Gary tracked Spinny’s temperature every hour and a half through the night and was pleased to find it going slowly down. This morning at about 7:00, however, Spin’s temperature spiked back up again to the highest it’s been. After calling airlines to look at booking Gary and Spinny and flight over to Nassau and thinking over other options, we decided to just move the boat over to Nassau. We could stay on the boat over there and not have to rent Gary and Spin a hotel. Spin could stay in the comfort of home and be close to a vet if need be. So, as soon as the decision was made, we set sail to the current capital of the Bahamas and waved goodbye to the old.

Dolphins of the starboard bow!

On the way we met a couple of dolphins. Kris and I greeted them up at the bow and the crisscrossed back and forth, jumping and turning sideways, curiously checking out the boat and us. Even Spin woke up enough to look out of the side of the cockpit, interested in the “sea dogs” swimming by her boat.

Spinny’s temperature went up and down during the trip. The antibiotics would take 48 hours to take full effect and the aspirin appeared to be wearing off before it’s 12 hours were off. However, her temperature never rose higher than it had before , and it would always go down again.

We entered Nassau through the east channel entrance and had to weave our way around a slue of anchored boats. Everyone was pulling in for the rough weather that would be coming our way tomorrow. We saw a Bahamian sloop out for a cruise around the channel. My favorite boat, however, was the tall ship at the end of the dock at Nassau Yacht Haven, whose crew aboard stared in slight horror as we came straight for their port side. Kris/ Captain Ron had it all under control though, and we backed up and swung around and into our dock smoothly.

We are all relieved to be here in Nassau, close to a vet for Spin. We even started up the air-conditioning for her, and she laid down happily in her favorite spot under the table, right by an air vent. We’ll all sleep better tonight, knowing Spin will be heading for the doctor in the morning.

March 21, 2011

Spinnaker our sailor dog.

Apparently Spin has been diagnosed with Tick Fever. This can be a very serious disease if not caught early. We were all very glad then, that we had brought her to Nassau and the vet. She’s is staying there for the day for treatment and Gary will pick her up at 4:00 this afternoon. Meanwhile, we are cleaning the boat so Spin can come home to a clean, de-sanded, and air-conditioned home this afternoon. We will probably stay here in Nassau for a few days as Spin recovers. Send her all your good wishes, thoughts and love.

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  1. Hi Spinny,

    Lizzie and fanny have been so worried about you!! We have all been concerned for your health. We are happy to hear you are on the mend. This going out of the country sure is hard on a dog isn’t it. Well sounds like you are feeling better and will be able to enjoy those dolphins soon. Take your meds like the good girl you are. We can’t wait to get our hands on you to squeeze you tight.
    Spin dog milk this for all it is worth…I foresee steak & chicken in your future. Remember if they try to put you back on dog food fall over and moan.

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