Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

April 5, 2011

Stone turtle on Green Turtle

Another early morning. This time it was a race to get through the dangerous Whale Cay cut and into Green Turtle Cay before the storms rolled in in the afternoon. We made it without any problems and pulled into the dock at the Green Turtle Club smoothly. We like the Green Turtle Club for times when a dock is preferred (as in expected storms), because any money you spend at the restaurant or bar goes to your docking fee. So if you want to eat out or get some drinks, why not do it here and get a dock at the same time? The food is amazing at the restaurant, if docking is not enough of an appeal to stop by. Even if you anchor or moor out in the harbor, I recommend you take the dingy in for a good meal.

Model plane at the model boat shop.

Green Turtle cay is also a good vacation destination spot. There are several beach cottages for rent around the island. If you rent a golf cart as well, you can explore the island and spend some time in the little town of New Plymouth. The town has the usual array of stored and restaurants, as well as several ice cream stops. There are several historical museums and a model boat shop. It is a very quaint island town, very enjoyable to walk around, and full of cats! I have never seen so many cats…popping out from around corners, under porches, over fences. Meow!

This may well be the last post sent from the Bahamas. We are planning on leaving for Great Sale Cay tomorrow, and then leaving from there late Thursday/Friday for Cape Canaveral, FL. I will let you all know when we are back in the states!

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  1. A series of very cool posts – and some great photos, too! Careful in that upcoming sea crossing!

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