Hawks Nest, Cat Island and onto Emerald Bay, Great Exuma, Bahamas

March 11-12, 2011

On the first day we sailed down to Hawk’s Nest Marina on the SW tip of Cat Island. On the way, Gary cast his fishing lines. He was able to catch a big barracuda before a little rain storm caught up with us. Spinny and PinkEms waited out the rain with a good book.

After getting into the Marina at $2.25/ft (we didn’t want to try the narrow anchorage), Gary and Carol headed up to the club house for drinks and the honor system, serve yourself bar, and internet. Kris and I borrowed a couple of the complimentary marina bikes and took them on a bike ride up the road a little ways. Not too much to see except some vacation houses, but it was a nice day for a bike ride.

We had another visitor in the marina, a big sea eagle. He was perched atop a smaller sail boat’s mast at the end of our docking area. He stayed there all day, drying his feathers off in the sun and wind. Perhaps they’d become wet in the rainstorm.

The next day we headed out to sail back to Great Exuma and pull into Emerald Bay Marina. It looked as if it was going to be another bumpy ride, so in leu of the bit of sea sickness I had before, Carol and I took dramamine together. Not only did it knock me out for half the trip, but it made me a little loopier than normal all day. Kris and Gary were incredibly amused by the fact that I slept with one eye open, saying they’d finally got me paranoid enough to have to keep an eye on them at all times, even when dreaming. Considering that the next thing Gary did was berate us all with a homemade hand puppet (inspired by the Jennifer Lopex South Park episode), I don’t think I can be blamed.
However, on the way Gary did have something to do other than highlight his hand. He caught himself another barracuda.

Kris pulled us expertly in through the choppy marina entrance. A group of people standing near the breakers gave us applause and thumbs up. Later, Kris’ skills at the helm were congratulated by many at the pot-luck up at the club house. Gary’s skills with the fishing pole were appreciated as well, for they had provided the fried mahi-mahi morsels we made for the party.