Hope Town, Abacos, Bahamas

I’m blogging again as I did last time I was quite a few days behind, with the most recent adventures first, and the rest will follow.

April 1-2, 2011

On the morning of the 1st, we headed out for Hope Town. We waited out a rain storm in Little Harbor, and not seeing anything substantial coming our way on the radar, decided to set our while we had the tide with us. We arrived outside of Hope Town around noon, but the tide was falling and the water too low for us to successfully make it into the harbor. We waited for the tide to rise on the lee side of Matt Lowes Cay. Here we had a protected anchorage from the westward winds, not only wait for the tide, but to hold though the rain storms rolling through the area.

We made it into Hope Town around 4:00pm. Calling the Hope Town Marina on channel 16 ahead of time, we were able to get a mooring ball in the harbor. There are so many boats here! This is like the George Town of the north for cruisers. There’s even a cruisers net on channel 68 in the mornings, announcing events, weather, etc. We found a power-cat here named Horizons (our polar opposite), and a couple from Medina, OH aboard an island packet.

The light house.

Hope town in a cute little town, filled with colorful rental beach cottages, two grocery stores, a handful of restaurants and bars, gift shops, a playground, a beautiful beach, fishing and sailing charters, and (my personal favorite) a fully functioning, old fashioned gas lit light house. Guests are welcome to tour the light house on their own weekdays between 9am-5pm. We also hear tell that the light house master will let you light the lantern if you bring him a beer, but we have not found him in order to test this. Much of Hope Town is navigated by smaller roads, open for foot and bike traffic only. I like the slower, more relaxed, but still neat, tidy, and colorful feel of the town. If you want to vacation in the Bahamas, this is the place to be. Either here, or back in Spanish Wells.

While here, we took Spin on a nice long walk. She seemed to really enjoy herself and slept well the night after. She is looking better everyday. Hopefully we hear nothing but good things after her vet visit in Marsh Harbor on Monday.

Feel free to browse the photos for a glimpse into Hope Town. There are many, because there is a multitude of views, nooks, and crannies in town that catch your eye.