Jekyll Island, Georgia

April 12, 2011

Storms rolled through Fernandina Beach early this morning. We waited out the storms and the low tide in the marina and pulled out at around 12:45pm. The Inner Coastal Waterway was the way to take today with the possibility of uuture storms rolling in. The motor was a relaxing one. Cumberland Island panned out to our starboard side for much of the trip. Spinny and I kept the binoculars close in order to spy for the wild horses on the shore.

Look out into the marsh on Jekyll.

We pulled into the waters alongside Jekyll Island, GA around 5 o’clock. Kris and I explored a little of the island. Everything is very spread out, with a couple of homes, a restraint or two, and a gas station and Dairy Queen. The rest of the island is all lush green trees, including Georgia pines, spanish moss, and marsh. A bike trail stretched across most of the island. It was a peaceful and beautiful walk.

Later we took Spin to shore for a good game of fetch the boomerang. She was bouncing all over the dock with excitement and couldn’t wait to begin! She had a great time and got some good exercise.

Tomorrow we are heading further up north to St. Catherine’s Island, GA. From there we will head up to Edisto Island, SC. At least, that’s the plan for now!