Marsh Harbor, Abacos, Bahamas

April 3-4, 2011

We headed out to Marsh Harbor on Sunday. The waters were calm and tranquil, the wind nearly nonexistent. On the way over we spotted a yellow sea plane, flying low over the water, appearing to almost skim the glassy surface. Kris instantly wanted to take a ride, or fly the ride!

Mangos Marina.

Marsh Harbor is a very functional sort of town. It’s a great place to stock up on supplies, with an excellent grocery and hardware stores. We’re staying at Mangos Marina where we can dock at 85 cents a foot for two days. The typical commodities come with the package: laundry (at $3.50 a load), showers, restaurant and bar, and water and electric (at a small extra price).

Perhaps the most important place for us here in Marsh Harbor is the vet. Spin had an appointment just this Monday morning. She’s doing much better. The vet was not able to take a blood sample yet. Apparently not enough time has past since her last appointment. He did give her another shot and poor Spin’s eyes are now dilated. She’s taking it extra easy today.

The rest of us are all taking it easy as well. Gary’s arm’s been hurting from the epic lobster battle. He’s scraped and bruised, but thankfully not infected. He got some medications for his injured from the clinic today. Kris, Carol, and I have been concentrating on cleaning and organizing. We’re all preparing for the long crossing from the northern Bahamas to the US.