Rock Sound, Eleuthra, Bahamas

March 17, 2011

We enjoyed a good long sleep this morning. We all must have been worn out from the trip over here yesterday!

Ocean hole fish. They love bread crumbs.

First on the list of things to do: check out the ocean hole in town. The hole looks like a big quarry lake with murky water and brown fish (only these are ocean fish). The hole is somehow connected to the ocean, though it is a few blocks into town. However, no one kind find the connecting cave or tunnel. Not even Jaques Cousteau himself could solve the mystery. The rise and fall of the tide in the hole is the only testament to the connection. We saw many dingy looking ocean fish in the hole, including a small grouper. There is a ladder leading into the water and people sometimes swim and snorkel in the hole. In the hot day yesterday, the water certainly looked tempting, but I did not remember to bring my bathing suite.

A beautiful old tree.

The rest of the day we wandered around town, eating lunch at Sammy’s Place, and finding a few groceries at the large store just down the street north of town. This is the largest town we have encountered thus far, complete with several crossroads, a couple of roundabouts, and working street lights. There are groceries, hardware, souvenirs, a post office, government dock, clinic, drug store, and a few restaurants. However, several of the restaurants listed on the explorer charts are now out of business. We were hoping to find a pizza place as well, but discovered that the listing for it in the chart was a typo. Instead of “pizza” it should have said “plaza”! There are several abandoned and burnt down houses in town as well.
Still, I think this is one of my favorite towns thus far. There are still many houses still being lived in, with fresh paint and several green and flowering trees and lush grass. We were excited to see lawn mowers in some yards! The day is filled with a cacophony of bird song, and the night thrums with the chirps of frogs and crickets.

Spinny has seemed on the up today. She ate a bit of breakfast and was smiling and eager to walk, sniff, and play around town. She’s still a bit out of sorts. I hope she feels better in the morning.

We may stay here one more day, or leave for Governor’s Harbor. We’ll see how we feel in the morning.