Sail up to Calabash Bay, Long Island, Bahamas


We took the boat up to Calabash Bay on the northwest shore of Long Island. This will be a better jumping point to go up to Conception Island tomorrow.
The sail was good, though a little slow as we were downwind the whole way. We put out the mizzen, main, and genoa. Kris and I set up the whisker pole for the genoa as well. An old friend showed up to help us.

PinkEms the savvy sailor.

She said she’d left Santa and the North Pole. She was too jealous of the other Pez dispensers Santa kept having his elves create. Not to mention she missed the thrill of the sea. Everything is frozen solid up by Christmastown. Now she can party all night at the beach bars and sun all day, working on her tan. So much better than freezing up there in the land of the midnight sun! Brrr!

Calabash had a strong surge rolling through the waters. We were rocking the night away in our anchorage.

To celebrate the successful sail, I put together a chocolate banana pie. I hope the sailing is good tomorrow, and perhaps not so downwind.