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screen322x572Faraway5 Adventures is proud to announce Sail Points, a new way to teach and learn the points of sail!

Sail Points is a highly interactive tool for sailing enthusiasts, sailing instructors and students to demonstrate both sail trim and points of sail.





From Capt. Kris, our sailing instructor and creator of Sail Points:

Over my years of teaching sailing to beginners I always loved using wind wheels. It was a great tool for students to really visualize what is going on through the different points of sail, tacks, jibes etc. However, cardboard wind wheels have a major problem. The sails don’t react to the wind direction. Worse, they don’t say anything about how your sails telltales behave. Thats why I decided to take this tried and true teaching tool to the next level with Sail Points


• Rotatable boat that you can align to any point of sail
• Manually adjustable and animated sails to demonstrate how sails would react to various positions.
• Animated telltale windows showing how the main and jib telltales would react to each point of sail and trim setting.
• Automatic trim will automatically adjust the the sails to their optimal position as you rotate the boat!


Sail Points is a great alternative to traditional diagrams and books to practice your sail trim and points of sail. The instant feedback of the telltale windows will help you to understand how to efficiently use the telltales next time you go sailing. If you ever get stuck you can use the auto trim feature to show you the ideal sail positions!


Attention Sailing Instructors!

If you are interested in using Sail Points please contact us and ask about our beta program!   You will receive free copies of Sail Points for all the instructors in your school and will have input on future releases of the app.