Tangier Island, Md 10/22/2100

We pulled anchor at 8:30 am and set sail for Tangier Island. the weather is clear and breezy 15 to 22 knots. The sail was great and the bay is beautiful. I can see why so many love to live around the bay.

We arrived at the island at 5:32 pm and docked at Parks Marina. Mr. Parks, the 80 yr + owner of the marina greeted us and helped tie up.   After securing the boat we took a walk around the island. This is a fishing and crabbing island going back to the 1800’s. The people speak with an unusual but pleasing accent and are extremely friendly. We were made welcome at every turn.

Cats are everywhere, a real cat lovers paradise. We had dinner at the only open restaurant, tourist season is over, we had a cream of crab bread bowl and crab cakes. Very very fresh and good.

Day two, 10/23/2010 we stayed over and made repairs, a leaking hatch cover and installed led mooring and anchor lights, cleaned and organized the boat. We still do not have everything installed or ready for longer passages so we do as much as we can while we can. It is a beautiful day and we took a bike and dinghy ride around the island a very unique and pleasant place to spend the day. Mr. Parks secured fresh picked crab meat for us for the evening dinner. Nothing is better than fresh bay crab meat. Thank you Mr. Parks. If you ever have the opportunity to stop here it is worth the trip.