The Start of the George Town Regatta – Stocking Island; Exumas, Bahamas


There isn’t too much to report from today. We started off by joining the rest of the cruisers at the beach by the Chat and Chill. Everyone was signing up for events in the week long George Town Regatta the cruisers put on. We are looking to be leaving here on Wednesday, so we didn’t sign up for anything as we were going to miss all the activities. However, we did get to meet Chris Parker in person, the meteorologist who broadcasts a Bahamas weather show over the SSB each morning. Carol was so excited to meet him that she had to have a photo taken with him!

Carol with Chris Parker.

The rest of the day Kris spent going over his captains license books. Gary, Carol, Spinny and I took the dingy over to George Town for a couple of errands. It was a windy and cloudy day, and we got a bit wet going to and from town. Oh well, that’s a dingy ride for you!

We are planning on spending one more day here at the Stocking Island anchorage with the cruisers. I’m not sure how much internet we will have as we go further south, but I will blog whenever I can. Otherwise, we should be back up in the George Town area by March 14th, and we should definitely have internet then.

2 thoughts on “The Start of the George Town Regatta – Stocking Island; Exumas, Bahamas

  1. I’m BACK!! Hey PinkEm it is so good to see you back at the helm. I can tell you are back by the fantabulous reporting. I will be checking in regularly now. Kisses to my SpinDog. I am requesting more dolphin and shark photos. Lol
    Sail on little buckaroos.

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