To Delaware City, DE and back to Philadelphia, PA


June 20th, 2013

We are expected back in Philadelphia in two days, so today we started out early, but not until we’d had breakfast at Chick and Ruth’s of course! The wind was light and from the south, so we enjoyed a relaxed sail with the main and the spinnaker for a little while. That is, until the wind almost died completely and we were forced to motor once more! This has been the unfortunate story of our trip, but we don’t let it dampen our spirits and have enjoyed our time out on the Chesapeake anyway.

After making our way up to the top of the bay, we said our goodbyes and headed back through the C&D Canal. We made it onto the Delaware Bay just as the sun was beginning to set. We pulled into the Delaware City Marina just before dark. By this time, much of the shops in this small town were closed, but we did manage to get some late night ice cream at the Ice Cream Parlor.

June 21st, 2013IMG_2416

Not much to report today. We made our way back up the Delaware River, motoring all the way. Philadelphia came into view by mid-day and we made it into the Philadelphia Marine Center in the afternoon. We had a wonderful time out on the Chesapeake. I only wish our trip could have lasted longer! There are so many little towns to stop in and visit on the bay, and we did not even get past Annapolis, to all that the southern half of the Chesapeake has to offer. Perhaps we will have to sail further on next time and explore this great bay another day!