Up the ICW to Delegal Creek, Georgia

April 13, 2011

Shores of the ICW.

Up and ready to go this morning by 0900. Our destination: somewhere to anchor around St. Catherine’s Sound. It was a calm and clear day. With the wind coming at 4.1knts from our stern when we made it out onto the Atlantic via the Saint Simon’s Sound, it was a lazy motoring day. Literally. There was a brief period of time when everyone but me was asleep or laying down. Hooray for auto pilot and GPS! I didn’t have to do much at the wheel myself while everyone became sleepy heads.

I constantly kept an eye out for Right whales, as up and down the coast here is their typical hang out this time of year. Alas, I have not been able to spot them. We did see several dolphins, a turtle, many sea birds, and what Kris though looked like a seal. I’m not sure if seals are around here or not, but if so, that’s pretty cool!

The marsh coming into Delegal Creek

We made it into St. Catherine’s Sound a little earlier than we had thought we would, so Gary made the call to continue further up the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) toward Green Island Sound. Once we got up there, we debated on where to set our anchor. We decided on going up to Delegal Creek Marina. We got to the marina around 7:30pm. The development here is very nice. Beautiful twisting southern tress covered in a veil of Spanish moss. White egrets grace the trees around the decorative pond on one side of the neighborhood. I sadly forgot to bring the camera on our walk, and it was getting too dark and the gnats too nasty to warrant another chance at a photo shoot. You will just have to take my word for it. The people here are very friendly as well. One couple offered us true Southern hospitality and invited us to come to their home if we needed anything at all. They were very gracious.

Tomorrow will be an early morning as we want to be out around high tide. We want to be out of the little creek here, out onto the Atlantic and on our way to Edisto Island, SC all in good time. Wish us good weather!